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Moscow Bell Centre has been acting since 1995 by His Holiness, Holy Patriarchy of Moscow and all Russia Aleksey’s II blessing, with the aim of preparing highly qualified bell ringers for Russian Orthodox Church. All wishing to study, primarily those recommended by temples and monasteries, are accepted. The period of studies is 3 months. The program consists of theoretical courses, as well as practical studies of church toll. An official certificate is given after finishing studies.

Bells’ search

During the last persecutions for the Orthodox Church, thousands of bells were destroyed. But there were people, who tried to rescue and pass the relics over the descendants, despite of risk. Nowadays there are no persecutions for our Church, thanks God. So the time to find the hidden treasures (the bells and other church items) has come. Unfortunately, only some of those brave people, who have saved bells from destruction, are alive nowadays. We can find numerous legends, which stubbornly affirm that bells, buried in unlimited scopes of Russia-motherland, are waiting for their time to sing over the Russian lands with their beautiful voice, and to glorify the Maker, having woken up from many-years sleep.

Moscow Bell Centre has been dealing with the problem of hidden bells for some years, using the most contemporary equipment. The main problem is to receive rather truthful data about the place where the bell is hidden. These data are always contradictory, and sometimes fantastic, but we don’t loose hope to return the hidden bells to the Church at last, no matter how hard it would be. The decision of this problem will be the job of enthusiasts most probably. These anxious people would grudge neither time, nor forces for this generous matter. The Bell Centre invites all the desirous to take participation in this hard bur very interesting job. Write us, send us information, stories, legends, and we’ll try to render possible assistance.

   common questions: info@bilo.ru
   director: bells-centre@yandex.ru
   the museum: museum@bilo.ru
   work: (495) 957-27-10,
   tel/fax: (495) 438-29-53,
   mobile: (903) 768-45-65
   113035, Moscow, Raushskaya embankment, house 26/1,
   the temple in honour of Saint Nikolay in Zayaitskoe (in the bell-tower).
   It works on weekdays from 10 till 19.