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Moscow Bell Centre has been acting since 1995 by His Holiness, Holy Patriarchy of Moscow and all Russia Alekseys II blessing, with the aim of preparing highly qualified bell ringers for Russian Orthodox Church. All wishing to study, primarily those recommended by temples and monasteries, are accepted. The period of studies is 3 months. The program consists of theoretical courses, as well as practical studies of church toll. An official certificate is given after finishing studies.


nowadays Russian leader in bells production

Pyatkov and Co partnership association has existed in Kamensk-Uralsky since 1991. Its oriented for founding of overtonely rich and harmonious, Russian bells, completed according to harmony to the bell lofts consisting of 5-13 items. Ural bells differ from products of other Russian bell-founders with beautiful sounding, filigree performance of scriptures and decorative pieces in a conservative, really orthodox style, on the products of any weight. Besides, their prices are rather low. At the same time they possess high reliability because only pure certificated materials and the right technology of founding are used in their production. This fact allows giving 3 years of official guarantee to the client.

CJSC Pyatkov and Co has successfully processed personal orders of Russian President B. Eltsin, Prime-minister Chernomyrdin and many bishops of Russian Orthodox Church. Ural bells hang at the bell-towers of temples and monasteries in every corner of Russia. They also ding in CIS, on Holy Athos Mount, in Serbia, Romania, Greece, the USA and other countries of the world. The enterprise's products are marked by various awards and diplomas at exhibitions and festivals of bell art. Pyatkov and Co is the only Russian enterprise, taken to the European club of bell producers, as its technology is the closest one to the traditional method of bell founding (ceramic) and the quality of founding corresponds the European standard. Since 2007 Pyatkov and Co has been founding bells to 1000 poods in weight at its own plant. Pyatkov and Co Partnership Association has an official residence in face of the Bell Centre in Moscow. The Centre offers services in bells' selling as well as their hanging and bell lofts' equipping. It also prepares highly qualified bell-ringers both in Centre and on-site. Pyatkov and Co bells are for those who understand, for those, who love their temple!

We offer you to buy the most reliable and harmonious bells in modern Russia. You can buy it from CJSC Pyatkov and Co, famous all over the world and acting in Kamensk-Uralsky since 1991 by a minimally possible price. They are worth buying, because:
1. Our and foreign specialists consider them to be the best in Russia by harmony and stability of sounding (not more than ± 50 cents from the counted tone).
2. They have the highest quality (solidity) of founding and strength accordingly (there has been no breaks for 15 years of the enterprise's work!!!), and the following firm quality guarantees (3 years since the year of delivery) hereof;
3. They are made by professional founders and metal-makers, highly qualified specialists, who have studied their job to minutest details and managed to create their own production (a bell-founding plant) according to the recent development;
4. They are founded according to the Technical conditions, worked out at the enterprise, using only pure certificated materials with no addition of old bells and secondary raw material;
5. Pyatkov and Co is the only enterprise in CIS, which produces the clappers from soft hammered iron. 6. These bells have the minimal price in maximal quality all over Russia.

Basic characteristics of produced bronze bells, September, 1, 2007.
Bells weight
in poods
Bells weight
in kg
Cut diameter,
Clappers weight
in kg
Undertone and octave Factory price of the bell with the clapper (without VAT) and the shop price in roubles
0,35 6 195 0,35 C# III 4.320
0,6 10 235 0,45 A# II 7.200
1 16 275 0,7 F# II 11.520
1,2 20 305 0,9 D#-E II 14.400
2,2 36 375 1,8 D II 22.320
2,5 40 405 2,1 H I 24.800
5,5 90 515 4,6 G# I 52.200
8,5 140 590 7 F# I 81.200
10 164 630 8 F I 95.120
21 326 820 16 C# I 159.740
43 700 1030 32 G Small 336.000
70 1140 1210 64 F Small 535.800
165 2700 1600 110 D Small 1.242.000
200 3300 1700 130

C# Small

300 5000 2000 200 A# Great 2.200.000
365 6100 2100 240 A Great 2.623.000
550 9000 2400 340 G Great 3.780.000
Theres a Shop-saloon at the Bell Centre, which is the official resident of CJSC Pyatkov and Co in Moscow. You can always look for and purchase ready-made bells (from 6 to 700 kg) of this enterprise, as well as selected harmonious bell lofts, and the equipment for their hanging.

The price at the Bell Centre's shop includes:
1. Factory bells price.
2. Bell lofts selection according to harmony;
3. Bells certification, including their acoustics;
4. The production of clappers tier for the bell;
5. Official guarantees for three years fro the moment of bells delivery.

The Bell Centre is ready to offer the following additional services on a conventional basis:
1. Work out a special technical project on bell lofts equipping;
2. Proceed a special order for production of special bells as well as the entire bell loft. The period of order's execution lasts over 3 months. You can also put icons (usually 2 or 4 items) and any founded or chased scripture, according to the bells size, in concordance with the client and for free. Its possible to add it to a standard scripture FOUNDED IN KAMENSK-URALSKY BY PARTNERSHIP ASSOCIATION PYATKOV AND Co, THE YEAR 2007 A. D., which is usually made in Cyrillic and situated on the lower border of the bells skirt).
3. Foundings quality checking with the help of ultrasound diagnostics;
4. Bells crimping in the thermostat according to the technology, worked out at the Bell Centre, with the aim of increasing their strength and sound qualities. The period of guarantee is lengthened to 10 years.
5. Delivery to the place of destination, including freight insurance;
6. Bells lifting and hanging, equipping of ding management system "turnkey".
7. Setting the beams for hanging bells, and their processing with wood;
8. Production of bell-ringers board.
9. Production of wooden stationary or portable bell lofts.
10. The three-day bell-ringers studies of the orthodox dings basis on-site or three-months studies at the Bell Centre (if buying a bell of 700 kg or more).
11. Production (restoration) of any complexity clock-chimes with the use of bells, including the ones with a high firmness for beating.

If the bell loft has been equipped by the Bell Centres specialists turnkey, the official guarantee is lengthened to 5 years and the corresponding services are offered for a 1 year from the moment of bells setting!

According to the type of paying, order's price some privileges and credit for 3 months are offered on the eve of Great and Temples church holidays!

The Bell Centre, 113035, Moscow, Raushskaya embankment, house 26/1, the temple in honour of Saint Nikolay in Zayaitskoe (metro station Novokuzhnetskaya or Tretiyakovskaya, then on foot to the Moscow river). The Bells Centre works every day except weekends. The director Sharikov Victor, tel. (095) 957-27-10 or tel. / fax: (095) 438-29-53 (stat.), private cellular 8-903-768-45-65. The Centres web-site: www.bilo.ru, E-mail: bells-centre@yandex.ru.

   common questions: info@bilo.ru
   director: bells-centre@yandex.ru
   the museum: museum@bilo.ru
   work: (495) 957-27-10,
   tel/fax: (495) 438-29-53,
   mobile: (903) 768-45-65
   113035, Moscow, Raushskaya embankment, house 26/1,
   the temple in honour of Saint Nikolay in Zayaitskoe (in the bell-tower).
   It works on weekdays from 10 till 19.